Aaron Merke– An actor and comedian originally from Winnipeg MB, started his career training with the late Del Close at Improv Olympic while in Chicago.  Upon his return to Canada, Aaron became part of the Second City Touring Company. Aaron is the founder, director and performer of KUNG F-U the “2006 Canadian Cage Match Champions“, and competed as Team Canada at the 2006 Chicago Improv Festival. Aaron has had the opportunity to study and teach longform all over North America. One of his greatest achievements was to be able work along side Armando Diaz (Magnet Theater) during Armando’s co-ownership of the P.I.T (the People’s Improv Theater)

As a screen and TV actor Aaron has been fortunate to be apart of many great projects. Check ‘em out on IMDB.
Aaron has received showbizmonkeys.com ‘s “North American Genius Monkey Comedy Award” as a triple threat in comedy (stand-up, sketch, and improv.)

Aaron is proud to be a Co-Founder at the Royal Awesome Society. Where he was able to Create and Direct his first film “Advanced Wizards & Warriors” alongside fellow producer and co-founder Lauren Cochrane. Who happens to be the most important partner