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In this marathon episode we are joined by none other than the lovely and hilarious Shannon Guile ( of Hot Thespian Action (

This week we re-discover our youth and chow down on some of our favourite slumber party snacks, from nerds to slurpees and everything in between. We discuss our early teenage crushes and confirm that the backstreet boys dolls were far superior to 80’s Ken, but Jem can get right the hell out of here with her odd scale and massive hair! 16 chickens and a tambourine.

Editor note: Jem was shown right before GI Joe when I got out of school. I can’t deny I was invested in the Jem storyline, right up until another boy said “dude, are you watching JEM?” to which I scoffed, “pffft. no!” but in reality I totally was.

Happy Rex Manning Day to all of you!

As always, give us a thumbs up if you liked this video, and share some of your stories of growing up in the 80’s. What was your favourite chip flavour before doritos? Were you on team Dillon or Brandon? Let us know below!

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